Oil Change

It is extremely critical that the engine’s oil and oil filter are serviced regularly. Lack of oil and filter maintenance can greatly shorten engine life or create extreme amounts of carbon build up. Used oil will be contaminated with dirt, metal particles, carbon, gasoline, ash, acids and other harmful substances.

Automakers give oil change intervals, the maximum number of kilometers (or miles) a vehicle can be driven between oil changes. Unless otherwise specified in your owner’s manual, it is recommended to change your oil every 5,000 km or every 3 months, which ever comes first.  For Synthetic Oils we recommend 8,000-10,000km or 6 months.

What is involved in an oil change at Good Guys Automotive?

Please see our list of different oil change packages:

Oil Change Packages

Please note: Our Standard oil changes are Silver Packages unless stated otherwise. All oil change packages include 5 litres of regular oil. Some vehicles may require extra liters due to engine size and will be subject to extra cost. Extra charges apply to synthetic oils as well.

 Silver Oil Change $45.00 [STANDARD OIL CHANGE]

*Replace engine oil -up to 5 litres. (non synthetic oil) [SYNTHETIC BY REQUEST ONLY]

*Replace oil filter (cartridge style filters are subject to extra charge)

Check on the following fluids:

* Brake Fluid

* Engine Coolant

* Transmission Fluid

* Power Steering Fluid

* Windshield Washer Fluid

* Any Fluid Leaks

Visually Inspect the following:

*Wiper Blades

*Radiator Hoses

*Charging/Starting System

*Axle & suspension parts

*Exhaust System

*Battery for corrosion on terminals

*Drive Shaft Boots

*Check Chassis nuts and bolts for looseness or damage

*Shock absorber/Struts

*Steering rack and shaft

*Front ball joints

*Steering Linkage/Tie Rods

* Engine Drive Belts

*Horn operation

*All lights

*Lubricate all locks, latches and hinges

*Engine Air Filter

*Please note that certain fluids may be topped up free of charge.

Gold Oil Change $69.99 (2 Hours)

Includes all BRONZE and SILVER package items PLUS……

*Load test battery to check voltage and acid levels and clean terminals if necessary.

* Rotate Tires (if needed) Examine for damage or wear.

* Check brake drum/rotors as well as pads/shoe thickness

*Examine Calipers, wheel cylinders and brake lines.

*Inspect Fuel lines and connections, fuel tank vapor vent, system hoses, and fuel tank cap gasket.

*Inspect Air conditioning pressures to ensure longer compressor life.

Platinum Oil Change $129.95 (3 Hours)

Includes all BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD package items PLUS……

 *Complete Fluid Top Off

*Replace Engine Air Filter (plus parts)

*Replace Cabin Air Filter (plus parts)

*Replace Brake Fluid