Good Guys Automotive – Meet The Team

Joanna  (Service Manager)


For over a decade I have been working in customer service yet never once took an interest in the automotive field. That was until I found myself needing repairs on my vehicle and being quoted an exorbitant price for the work. Having no money at the time, I began researching mechanics in order to try and fix the car myself. I got lucky with my first “self-fix” attempt but when I made my second attempt, I wasn’t so successful. I did discover however, that I loved learning about the mechanics of cars and decided to pursue a job in the car industry. I began working for a local car dealer and within a year was introduced to Chris at Good Guys. He immediately picked-up on my mechanical interest and encouraged me by teaching me to do repairs myself.  I learned so much from him over the years, that when he asked me to work at Good Guys Auto, I jumped at the chance.

They truly care about their customers and Chris is one of the best mechanics I’ve ever encountered. His ability to diagnose problems is second-to-none and I have the utmost confidence in his ability to get the job done right.

 I’m now part of the team here at Good Guys, certified with OMVIC as well as Ontario’s Drive Clean Emission testing. And proud to honestly say that I love my job!



Chris   (Master Mechanic)


My passion for mechanics started when I was a young boy and would spend my days at my family’s repair garage. I loved being around anything mechanical and always found myself tinkering with some sort of device. By the time I was five I was obsessed with cars and trucks,  and decided to learn everything I could about them.

I had never planned to follow in my parents footsteps and run Good Guys Automotive, but my love for the automotive industry became my driving force and I am now fortunate enough to be able to say that my job is also my hobby.

I am a licensed automotive service technician, licensed truck and coach technician, Ontario’s Drive Clean certified inspector and repair technician.  I am also certified by OMVIC for automotive car sales.

 Being a mechanic, automotive technician or grease monkey-if you will, has steered me in many different directions bothinside and outside of this field. It keeps me on my toes and makes my job even more fun.