Auto Repair

Looking for Auto Repair service in the Port Credit/Mississauga area?  We’re your one stop shop for everything you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. Good Guys Automotive is Located in the heart of Port Credit, and we are a premiere independent, fully certified Green auto repair shop at the top with modern technologies and advanced European, Japanese and Domestic repairs.

We are real people you can trust.


Looking for accomplished, intelligent mechanics you can rely on? Our office people are knowledgeable and willing to patiently explain what’s happening to your car in plain English. Our technicians are trained on a regular basis which shows you how dedicated we are to making sure our diagnosis and repairs are beyond your expectations.


35 years in Serving the Mississauga area. Come pay us a visit.

Meet the mechanics. Put a face to the name!

Ask a mechanic and get truthful answer dealers don’t even give you.


Our reputation is well known for 35 years, and we rely on your word of mouth as our main source of clientele. We also thank our outstanding customers for their referrals. Whether its Emission Testing, or just a visit to get an opinion on a noise you have concerns about, or just a tire pressure check(which is free of charge of course) we are open arms to it all.  You should always read customer testimonials from places you trust, and learn about how we make customers for life by prioritizing repairs with maintenance.


We are you’re one stop automotive shop. We do tires, suspension, brakes, timing belts, and everything else. see here.


Modern vehicles and hybrids are too complicated for many independent shops. We invest in extensive training and technological tools to diagnose and repair the advanced luxury cars and hybrids that some consider to be “dealership only”


Our Genuine Advantage. Why we use the factory fluids and parts to protect the life of your vehicle as well as your safety.


Original Equipment Scan Tools allow us to diagnose “Dealership Only” problems.


Enjoy free wifi in the waiting room! Nearby access to the Go Train and Buses. We also conveniently drive you home or elsewhere if nearby or offer an affordable rental car arrangement with partner companies!

Take into consideration…

Other shops will quote you a minimal price to get you in the door, then up-sell you later. We are upfront about realistic costs. You will always have a quality repair by us.

We use GENUINE parts — the same parts from the dealership

 We are certified mechanics and beyond                                                                                         

We have all manufacturer’s proprietary computer tools and diagnostic tools

We can prioritize repairs, do as much or as little work as you request, so let us know your budget and we will give you our best recommendations.