Under stand the common causes of premature tire wear:

Underinflation: When the outer edges of the tires are excessively worn, your tires are kept under inflated. The outer edges of your tires have too much contact with the road.


Overinflation: When the center of the tread shows excessive wear, the pressure in your tires is kept relatively too high. The tires are riding on the center of the tread and wearing it out prematurely.


Cupping: When cups or scalloped dips appear around the edge of the tread on one side or the other, it usually indicates worn suspension parts. Any worn component that connects the wheel to the car-ball joints, wheel bearings, shocks, springs- can cause this condition.


Uneven Wear: When the inner or outer part of your tires wear out faster than other parts of the tires, it usually means your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. There is excessive camber in the front suspension, causing the wheels to lean too much to the inside or outside.


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